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Congratulations to all of the scouts who trekked down to the Broad Creek Reservation once again for Summer Camp. A great time was had by all, and a boatload of merit badges will be handed out at the next court of honor!

The TYLC is putting together an awesome program this year. Full details will be out shortly, but here are a few highlights...


Labor Day Fishing @ Indian River Aug 29-Sep 1

Always a favorite. Camping and fishing at the Coast Guard Station. Contact Mr. Kilcoyne if you want to go.

Gettysburg weekend - October 17-19

Pine Grove - Archery and shooting - November 21-23


Let Mrs. Horwatt know that you will be selling popcorn this year. Last year we had a fantastic sale and hope to do even better this year. Sales start in late September.

Christmas Trees!

We will once again be selling Christmas Trees in December. More info to follow.

Looking Forward

We are locked in for our Cape Cod cycling trip next Summer. Because of this we will not be going to Summer Camp as a full troop. However, if you want to go to a regular Summer Camp instead of, or in addition to, this trip, please see the Scoutmaster.

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